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What we feel, we become. What we become, we attract. Abundance comes naturally in many forms. Despite our desire for financial richness, abundance likes to show up in other areas too. An abundance of resources, of friendship, love, support, laughter, plays out in our daily lives… if we could only “stop to smell the roses”. […]

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I guide you from "Am I good enough?" to "Is this good for me?" Learn to set healthy boundaries, prioritize your needs, and build relationships that enrich your whole life.


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What we feel, we become. What we become, we attract.

Abundance comes naturally in many forms. Despite our desire for financial richness, abundance likes to show up in other areas too. An abundance of resources, of friendship, love, support, laughter, plays out in our daily lives… if we could only “stop to smell the roses”. There are many parts of our life where abundance already shines and to focus your attention on these areas will make you feel lavishly rich. 

We attract how we feel. Read that again. We attract how we feel, and it starts internally

When we feel broke, we attract things that keep that cycle going. Bills, back-taxes, parking tickets and broken appliances appear more and more often when this is our reality. Stop delegating your energy to the lack.

It’s worth taking care of our emotional world first, because that’s the place we can go to turn our abundance meter up. Not only because we feel so much better when we are aligned with our heart and soul, but because it helps us to build a life that feels exactly the way we want it to. Let me share a secret with you: abundance creates options. Only when you have options, you can chose what’s aligned.  

I see so many brilliant women out there spending every dime of their hard-earned pay to create a luxurious environment. While luxury can feel sooo good, if it’s not the exact fit for our unique being, it’s just “stuff”. And that begins to feel heavy. 

It’s absolutely possible to create the air of luxury around you when it’s the right kind of luxury- the kind that feeds your soul. This can be cultivated on a level deeper than just the material, and doesn’t have to break your bank.

Here are my top ways to feel abundant:

  1. Buy (or pick) fresh flowers 

A small bouquet will do, even a single flower radiates divine beauty. 

  1. Aromatherapy soap

It isn’t only the super expensive brands that create fantastic hand soaps these days. Lathering my hands in an irresistible smell instantly gives me the feeling of being in one of those super fancy hotels surrounded by astonishing luxury.  

  1. Write yourself a love note 

Pin your love note to your fridge (I have some beautiful love cards created especially for this and I’m happy to send them your way). You can craft a little love note with a beautiful design to remember yourself every single day how loved and hold you are by the Universe.

  1. Candle-lit bath

Prepare your bathtub – light some candles, fill your bathtub with hot water and enter your favorite bubble bath or oil bath. Enjoy your time and relax! This has remained one of my favorite ways to relax and center myself into my body, throughout all levels of my financial success!

  1. Go for a walk in nature

Some light movement and a breeze of fresh air do wonders for our emotional wellbeing. The oxygen helps our bodies to clear out toxins and negative emotions and mother nature grounds us, gives us strengths, love and support. One of the best ways to calm down after a long day or a head full of thoughts that won’t let you rest.

  1. Tea Time

You can visit one of the 5 star hotels in your neighborhood for tea time, sure, or you create your own tea ceremony. It doesn’t need to be as complex and extensive as the Japanese one! Brew a cup of your best tea, time out and enjoy every sip! If you’re a coffee lover, why not go for the best coffee you can afford? This is especially enjoyable in winter time.

  1. Candle-lit dinner

Cook yourself dinner (or invite friends over for dinner or share it with your partner – however you like best). Decorate your table attentively and invest a minute to decorate each plate before serving it! It’s so much fun and turns an ordinary dinner into something special.

  1. Pyjama Party

This one is sooo much fun! Invite your girlfriends over for a pyjama party! I can’t hide my excitement for this one, it brings a huge smile to my face. It’s like the pyjama parties we had when we were 16, so special. You can go for a movie night or a series marathon or do an evening of pampering accompanied with a good glass of wine or hot chocolate. Your imagination is the limit here. This is truly an abundance of fun, joy, laughter and lightheartedness.

  1. Wear your best outfit

On a regular day. Simple as that. Style for yourself and enjoy playing with fashion. Too often we’re waiting for the perfect occasion and how often did this occasion not come? Wear that fancy dress or the fine silk blouse, just on an ordinary day. Dress for your own enjoyment.

  1. Give yourself the gift of time

For many of us, our lives have become very timed-through. Spare time is a rarity. Make yourself the most precious gift and block time out just for you. To do whatever you want to do. Nothing (oh yeah, that’s self-care – just lying on the couch doing nothing and letting your mind wander), watching this movie you wanted to see forever, visit a museum…there are thousand things you always wanted to do and now is the time! 

I truly hope that these tips inspire you to let more abundance into your life and enjoy your life even more! Remember, you’re energy in a human body and the energy you radiate attracts the energy that’s drawn into your life. 

Taking care of your energetic vibration is vital towards feeling abundant. There’s so much beauty and abundance in the little things, and recognizing that will, in turn, attract more.

Go on a discovery to find your abundance magnets.

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I'm Nadja, your new self-love friend.

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