Go from "Am I good enough?" to "Is this good for me?"

I help you to leave people-pleasing behind, once and for all, and build a life that feels totally you. I teach you to set healthy boundaries, prioritize your needs without guilt, and build relationships that enrich your whole dang life. We'll start with the one you have with yourself. 


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You're in the right place.

I built a life that looked damn good on paper. I did everything I was supposed to do only to feel unhappy, unfulfilled and asking myself if I’d ever get this life thing right. That was more than 15 years ago. Now, I'm a recovered people-pleaser. I've learned a lot and built a life I don't need a vacation from. But it was quite a journey - one I can guide you through step-by-step. Together, let's build your life so it feels totally you. A life where you start each day excited!

You're stronger than you think you are. But if you're anything like me, you need help setting boundaries that feel good & prioritize your needs. You want someone to tell you what works.


"I've learned to embrace my uniqueness and that I don't have to live with other people's rules."

Makes her own rules:



"I used to run from my feelings and denying my needs. But I've learned to stand up for myself."

stands up for herself:



"I highly recommend working with Nadja!! My life has changed in profound ways!!!"

has changed her life:


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Your journey to self-discovery on your terms. Revisit and reinforce whenever you desire.


Fuel your journey within a vibrant community – share triumphs, navigate challenges, and build lasting connections.

Group Coaching

Experience the power of private and personalized 1-on-1 support; your journey, your pace, and unwavering confidentiality.


Ways to Work Together

“Boundaries are like fences; they keep out what you don't want and protect what you value.”

— Henry Cloud

You want personal support with 100% confidentiality and the fastest route to self-love.



Leave the days of saying "Yes" out of obligation behind. Discover the tools to work through shame & guilt when you prioritize your needs and treat yourself like the queen you are. Say no more to people-pleasing and start putting yourself first. You're the most important human in your life. And when you know yourself intimately, you'll fall in love with yourself and build a love that lasts a lifetime. 

Go from "Am I good enough?" to "Is this good for me?" and create a love that lasts a lifetime




My digital courses equip you with the tools to build a life that's totally you! Learn the art of setting boundaries, and feel good while doing it. Cultivate unshakeable self-love. Discover how to navigate life's challenges with resilience and grace. Learn at your own pace with insightful lessons, practical exercises, and community support. Finally create a life that aligns with your deepest desires and ambitions!

Fuel your ambitions with wisdom: master self-love, set unapologetic boundaries & build a life as bold as your dreams


You want total flexibility over your schedule and to review the material as often as you like

You want to share your journey with a group of like-minded women & build new friendships



Enter a space where dreams are encouraged and celebrated, and success is a shared journey. Immerse yourself in the transformative energy of exclusive group coaching sessions. Harness the collective power of a supportive tribe of like-minded women. Master the art of setting kick-ass boundaries and cultivating unshakeable self-love. 

Squad up for success: where ambitious women unite to redefine boundaries & live the self-love revolution

Group Coaching

After starting the work together I noticed I've had a warm, compassionate guide that supported me through my inner journey. I loved our Zoom calls. If you're hesitating but you know you need a coach, get on the phone with Nadja. One phone call will quell your fears and you'll see her value right away.

"Nadja is the perfect mix of practical badass and gentle feminine soul."

finally made it work


I’ve noticed a shift in my perspective of life, more trust in myself, and more faith things work out for me. Nadja provided a space to discuss what I needed and offered new ways of viewing situations & thoughts allowing me to contemplate and reframe my own thinking in new and elevated ways.

"I've learned to embrace my uniqueness and that I don't have to live with other people's rules ."


makes her own rules

I used to avoid conflicts at all costs by denying my needs and running from my feelings. But I've learned to stand up for myself. I really liked the variety of tools and techniques, especially the meditations gave me massive self-awareness. My fear of opening up and facing my challenges was unfounded. Nadja created an atmosphere in which I felt safe and comfortable to open up and face my insecurities. 

"I gained massive self-confidence and learned how to handle conflict in a way that feels good."

stands up for herself


Yes, It Really Works

I want coaching!

You can build a life aligned with who you are at your core that feels totally you! 

Ready to Build a Life that's totally YOU?

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