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Learn to set healthy boundaries and prioritize your needs so you can intentionally create your life aligned with your values and build mutual, connected relationships without the need to pretend to be someone you're not.

Stop people-pleasing & go from "Am I good enough?" to "Is this good enough for me?"

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READY TO GO FROM people-pleaser TO Self-Love Queen?

Pleasing everyone and giving everything you've got is a recipe for disaster- it guarantees an unhappy, resentful, and unfulfilled life. But it doesn't have to be like this.

Coaching for People-Pleasers
Who Want to Live Aligned with Their Values

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Know thyself. Learn what truly matters to you and take actionable steps to get there. I teach you proven strategies and tailor them to your needs. Together, we get you results. What results? Knowing you've built a life you're proud of - a life you can't wait to get out of bed for. A life filled with peace. A life aligned with your values and priorities. It's time to be totally you!

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Learn without the confusion

How do you go from "Am I good enough?" to "Is this good for me?" In this show, I discuss setting healthy boundaries and prioritizing yourself without guilt. I share actionable steps that bring real results. Cozy up with your favorite cup of tea  and tune in!

Self Love Sessions Podcast

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“I gained massive self-confidence and learned how to handle conflict in a way that feels good.”


I'm Nadja, your new self-love friend.

As a recovered people-pleaser, I know how frustrated you feel when you care for everyone else but yourself. I've learned to set healthy boundaries and prioritize myself to create the life I want to live (not one where I comply with other people's guidelines). I'll show you exactly how to build YOUR life - the way you want to live it (and yes, boundaries play a huge role in that!) Start living unapologetically and totally YOU.

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Steal My Healthy Boundaries Checklist

If you had the proper role models to learn from, setting healthy boundaries would be as natural as breathing. If you didn’t, don’t worry, you can absolutely learn how.

Ready to Leave People-Pleasing behind?

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Learn to set healthy boundaries and live authentically & aligned with your values.


8 Steps to Healthy Boundaries

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Get my checklist for free and let me guide you through the whole boundary-setting process so that setting boundaries feels good.