It All Began When He Said "No."

Sitting across from me, my (soon-to-be ex) boss stared at me and said, "You're not good enough. You're fired." BOOM. There it was, the one thing I was afraid of my whole life: the official confirmation that I wasn't good enough.  

Soon after this, my fiancé broke up with me, my network disappeared (learn the difference between a network and real friends!), and I moved back in with my parents. There wasn't much left (other than a lot of not enough). I had fallen apart. 

It was Time to put myself back together with the glue of self-love

Cuddles with my adorable daughter, Earl Grey tea (with milk!), avo toast, and good natural skincare

daily rituals

On coaching calls with my amazing clients, playing with my daughter, in the bathtub, on my yoga mat


Beating around the bush, love & light culture, acting as if everything is fine when it's not


Straight talk, natural ingredients, short emails, and cutting out the 'meh' to make room for the very best.


You take on more than you can handle because saying no makes you uncomfortable. But you're annoyed with yourself because you constantly say yes when you want to say no. You make sure everyone else is taken care of. But what about you?

Welcome, ambitious people-pleaser. I'm glad you're here. 
I know it's frustrating when you do everything "right," but it feels all wrong. 

And I know how to change that.

My superpower is helping women to go from "Am I good enough?" to "Is this good for me?" while pursuing the kind of life they actually with freedom, joy and peace.

Am I good enough? That's the question you ask yourself time and time again because no matter what you do, it's never enough. (Pssst, that's not true; ask me how I know!) You're supposed to be happy with the life you've built, but you're not. You've checked off most points from your life plan, built a profitable career, have a network of friends, and seem pretty accomplished.

But something's off. You still feel unfulfilled. "What's wrong?" circulates in your mind, and you don't know the answer. 

Norah Jones...again


Crumble cake


It didn't start with you


Earl Grey tea with milk


Bridgerton... my 10th time?



My Favorite Things

Perfume — my favorite brand is Guerlain! I love the old French perfumers.

my happy place!

In the woods! It's my zone of serenity where all of my best ideas happen.

Boots. I'm that girl with 87 pairs of shoes and a closet full of cozy sweaters. Hey, we all have our passions in life. 

My Favorite Things

Roses. My favorite is Bienvenue, which has the perfect smell. I'd love to wear it as a perfume.

Cheesecake. With a good dose of lemon zest. Irresistible. I have to have it.

my guilty pleasure

Yoga! Nothing grounds me like a yoga session. It calms my mind and brings me back into my body. 




black & white



Sparkling water



night owl


Ice cream


Still Water

Where I stand on the super important stuff... Agree / disagree? 

This      That


I've learned to stand up for myself and handle conflict in a way that feels good.”


so they say:

If you're struggling with constant stress, overwhelm, and strained relationships, let boundaries come to the rescue. Learn to set healthy boundaries, prioritize your needs, and build relationships that enrich your whole life. My 8 Steps to healthy boundaries checklist guides you through the whole boundary-setting process so that you set boundaries and feel good doing it.

8 Steps to Healthy Boundaries Checklist

Better than Free Ice Cream!

let's work together

I know you're strong and capable; you handle a lot. You take on more and more responsibility, doing it all on your own. But you don't have to do it all alone. I'm right here and I'll walk by your side.

did we just become best friends?